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Managing students

Student management is essential to ensure that students have access to learning content that is relevant and appropriate to their needs.


Student view

Students have exclusive access to the platform in the student view, where they can consume the knowledge made available to them. They can be employees, customers or partners of the company, looking to improve their skills and knowledge relevant to their activities.

Student profile

The student profile determines what content will be available to students on the platform. When creating trainings and educational materials, it is possible to specify the profile of the student who will have access, ensuring a personalized and targeted learning experience.


Each student is linked to a company, which represents the entity with which the student is associated. When creating trainings and educational materials, you can specify the company that will have access, ensuring that only students associated with that company can enroll and access the content.

Batch student registration

To make the enrollment process easier, students can be enrolled in batches by importing a spreadsheet. This provides an efficient way to manage large groups of students and ensure that everyone has quick and easy access to the platform.

In the student view of the Kubo by NDD platform, anyone with a link can request to register as a student. The administrator is responsible for approving or disapproving these requests, ensuring that only the appropriate individuals have access to the platform.

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