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Create, edit or delete company

The company is the legal entity to which the student will be linked.

When creating trainings, for example, you will specify the company that will have access, ensuring that only students associated with that company can enroll.


To register a company, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Company in the main menu

  2. Click on the To Register button icon located in the upper right corner

  3. Fill in the desired fields, the mandatory ones being identified with asterisks (*)

In the Approval field, select the Yes option so that the company, after being registered, is able to receive new students registered on the platform, or the No option so that the company is registered, but it is not possible to register new students linked to it.

  1. Click Save to register the company

To edit the registration or delete a company, locate it in the list, click on the Select option, click on the To Change option and on the screen that opens:

  • To edit, change the desired fields and click Save.

  • To delete, click on the 🗑 icon located in the upper right corner.

When deleting a company, registered students linked to it will also be deleted. 


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