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Create, edit or delete student

Students are the people who will consume the knowledge made available on Kubo by NDD. They can be employees, customers or partners.

They will only have access to the platform from the student's point of view.

To register students en masse, go to Create students en masse.


To register a new student, follow the steps below:

  1. Register the student's profile

  2. Register the company

  3. Click on Students in the main menu

  4. Click on the To Register button icon located in the upper right corner

  5. Fill in the desired fields, the mandatory ones being identified with asterisks (*)

In the E-mail field, we recommend that the registered e-mail address be the corporate one, with the company's domain.

In the Preview field, select the student's visualization type, that is, if he will be able to visualize all trainings, only the trainings he is enrolled in or only the trainings that are in accordance with the profile and the company selected above.

In the Active field, select the Yes option so that the student, after being registered, can access the platform and training, or the No option so that the student is registered, but cannot access the platform and training. 

  1. Click Save to register the student

To edit the registration or delete a student, search for them in the search bars by name, CPF, code, e-mail or other available information (we recommend using the registered e-mail).

After clicking on Search and locating the student in the list, click on the Select option, click on the To Change option and on the screen that opens:

  • To edit, change the desired fields and click Save.

  • To delete, click on the 🗑 icon located in the upper right corner.


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