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Managing webinars

The webinar is a powerful online learning tool that offers both live and recorded video seminars.


via chat

A distinctive feature of webinars is the possibility of real-time interaction via chat. Students can participate by asking questions, sharing comments and contributing to discussions, providing a collaborative and engaging learning experience.


During the webinar, students have access to attachments and supplementary materials that complement the content presented. These auxiliary materials enrich the learning experience and provide additional resources to deepen knowledge on the topic covered.


Webinars can include a satisfaction survey, which aims to measure the level of student satisfaction with the course. This survey covers various aspects, such as content, format, didactics, among others, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of the student experience.

Enrollment and participation

Students can be enrolled individually in a webinar or through import via spreadsheet. In addition, the platform offers the option of extracting the webinar registration link and sending it to students who are not registered on the platform.


During the webinar, moderators have access to various tools to operate it efficiently, such as accessing the chat history, sending messages as moderator, checking the number of students present, activating/deactivating the webinar broadcast, among others.


The students' participation history is recorded, providing detailed information on which students consumed the webinar. This allows precise analysis of student engagement and participation in the webinar.

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