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Create, edit or delete webinar

A webinar is an online video seminar, which can be recorded or live, and usually allows students to interact via chat.

This type of online event is widely used for presentations, talks, workshops and trainings, providing a dynamic learning experience.


To register a webinar, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Trainings in the main menu

  2. Click on the Webinar submenu

On the next screen you can see the list of registered webinars.

  1. Click the To Register button icon located in the upper right corner

  2. Fill in the required fields as instructed below:

Title (mandatory)

Enter the name of the webinar.

Description (mandatory)

Enter a brief summary of what the webinar will cover.


Enter a description of the webinar content.

Instructors (mandatory)

Select the person(s) responsible for the webinar or select None if there is no instructor.

Webinar Date (mandatory)

Enter the date when the webinar will take place.

Webinar Time (mandatory)

Enter the time when the webinar will take place.

Hourly Load

Enter the time in hours and minutes that the webinar will take, which will appear on the certificate.

Restriction (mandatory)

Select the Public option so that students registered in the platform or not can participate, or the Private option so that only students registered in the platform can participate.

If the Public option is selected, students who are not registered in the platform will need to fill out a registration form to be able to access the webinar.

If the Private option is selected, the Company and Students fields will be enabled so that the desired company(ies) and/or student(s) that will participate in the webinar can be selected. For all students registered on the platform to participate in the webinar, select the All option in the Company field.

Type of Broadcast (mandatory)

Select which medium the webinar will be broadcasted on, either YouTube or Vimeo.

Broadcast Link (mandatory)

Enter the webinar transmission link, according to the type selected above.

If YouTube, you must create a YouTube event, create the embed link and place the generated link in this field.

If it is by Vimeo, NDD will provide the transmission keys and the transmission link to be placed in this field and in the desired streaming program (such as OBS Studio), upon opening a support call 24 hours in advance (site for opening the call:

View recording (mandatory)

Select the Yes option if you wish to display the webinar recording or the No option to not display it.

If Yes is selected, the fields Type of Recording and Recording Link will be enabled. In these fields replicate the same information as in the Type of Broadcast and Broadcast Link fields, respectively.

Conversation (mandatory)

Select the desired option for the form of conversation with students during the webinar, being:

  • Chat: the chat provided by the platform itself

  • Whatsapp: enter the number in the Phone field that will be enabled below

  • Vimeo Chat: enter the Vimeo chat ID in the ID Chat Vimeo field that will be enabled below

  • Disabled: so that there is no chat

  1. Click Save to register the webinar registration

To edit the registration or delete a webinar, locate it in the list, click on the Select option, click on the To Change option, and the screen will open:

  • To edit, change the desired fields and click Save.

  • To delete, click on the 🗑 icon located in the upper right corner.


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