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Managing learning tracks

Explore the resources available for learning tracks on the platform.



A learning track is made up of several trainings that address content related to the same topic. This structure makes it possible to organize a logical sequence of learning on a specific subject, ensuring a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding by participants.


The trainings that will form part of the track are assigned during the registration of the respective track. This setting makes it possible to select the trainings that are most relevant and appropriate to the track's theme, ensuring a cohesive and effective learning experience.

Releasing the tracks' trainings

By configuring the trainings in the track, you can define how they will be released to the student during their completion. This includes determining whether the student can only access the next training after completing the previous one, whether they can freely access all the trainings without following a specific sequence, or whether the release will be carried out by the instructor or the administrator.

Satisfaction survey

Tracks can include a satisfaction survey, which aims to measure the level of student satisfaction with the course. This survey covers various aspects, such as content, format, didactics, among others, allowing for a comprehensive evaluation of the student experience.

Certificate of completion

On completion of the tracks, the student will receive a certificate of completion. This certificate recognizes the student's effort and commitment to learning, providing tangible recognition of their achievements. The platform has a standard certificate, but you can insert a personalized one to match your company's visual identity.


Dashboard provide an overview of the tracks, helping you to make decisions and monitor students' progress.

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