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Access track dashboard

The dashboard presents the main information about the track, providing easy visualization and aiding decision-making.

In addition, the dashboard allows you to issue reports with specific information, providing detailed analysis and insights into the track's performance.


  1. Click on Trainings in the main menu

  2. Click on the Tracks submenu

  3. Search for the desired track in the Research bar in the upper right corner

  4. Click on the Select option

  5. Click on the Dashboard option in the list

In the screen that opens, you can view all the information related to the track, in the selected period.

To change the search date, enter the desired dates in Year and/or Month and click on Generate report.

Below, in the cards of each information, click on VIEW REPORTS to view in detail the information. In the report, you can:

  • Search for more specific information in the Research bar located in the upper right corner.

  • Sort the columns in ascending or descending order by clicking on the title of the column you wish to sort.

  • Export the report in CSV and/or Excel, by clicking on the buttons located in the upper left corner.

In the dashboard's GENERAL TRAINING grid, you can view the information on each training that makes up the track. The information shown in the grid is for the entire system and not only for the training track.


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