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General platform settings

The general settings allow you to customize various aspects of the platform's operation, from account settings to customizing the style to reflect your company's visual identity.

These general settings give you the flexibility and control to adapt the platform to your company's specific needs, ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience for both administrators and students.



Account settings allow general adjustments to how the platform works, offering flexibility and customization to meet your company's specific needs.


Customize the platform according to your company's visual identity. The style settings allow you to adjust both the student view and the administrative view, ensuring a cohesive and brand-aligned experience.


Use informative banners with quick access links in the student view, highlighting important information and promoting relevant content.

Training categories

Organize trainings into categories to make it easier for students to navigate and access them. A clear and intuitive structure optimizes the learning experience.

Country, state and city

Specify the location of registered companies using detailed country, state and city information. This data can be useful for segmenting and targeting specific content.


Group companies by region for better data analysis and management. Create consolidated dashboards with relevant information for each region, facilitating strategic decision-making.

Terms of use

Define the rights and responsibilities of platform users through the terms of use. Ensure a safe learning environment that complies with your company's policies.


Communicate with users through informative pop-ups or campaigns. Maximize the engagement and effectiveness of communications by keeping users informed of important news and events.

Email routines

Routines are emails sent automatically by the platform in pre-defined situations, ensuring optimized communication with users. Each routine has a standard text that can be customized according to the company's needs.

Restore user

Deleted users can be restored within a period of 7 (seven) days from the date of deletion. Preserve user data and history, enabling recovery if necessary.


Offer multilingual support to users, allowing them to change the platform's language to their preference. Promote an inclusive and accessible experience for all users, regardless of language.

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