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Managing dashboards

Management dashboards are an essential tool in Kubo by NDD, providing a comprehensive and visually appealing overview of the main metrics and information on the platform, and helping to make strategic and effective decisions.


Comprehensive overview on the home screen

When accessing Kubo by NDD, administrators are greeted with a dashboard on the home screen, presenting key information about the platform in a concise and intuitive way. This dashboard offers a comprehensive view of the platform's overall performance, highlighting important metrics on students, enrollments, trainings, modules and more.

Dynamic and visual monitoring

One of the main advantages of management dashboards is their ability to offer dynamic and visual monitoring of data relevant to management. Graphs, tables, and performance indicators are presented visually, making it easier to identify trends, patterns, and areas of opportunity.


In addition to the dashboard on the home screen, some specific Kubo by NDD features have dedicated dashboards, offering a more detailed and specialized view of certain aspects of the system. Check them out:


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