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Configure gamification rules

Kubo by NDD gamification has 13 pre-established dynamics, which are referred to in the platform as rules.

It is not possible to register new rules, only those that the platform already has should be used.


To configure the gamification rules, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Gamification in the main menu

  2. Search for the rule you want to configure

  3. Click on the Select option

  4. Click the Configuration option in the list

  5. Fill out the necessary fields, as instructed below:


Enter the amount of points that will be awarded to the student when he fulfills the rule.


Select the training(s) that will be covered by the rule.


Select the option Yes so that when the rule configuration is complete it is enabled, or No so that it is configured but not enabled.

In the rule Pass the knowledge assessment, 100 points have been configured, trainings A, B, and C are covered by it, and it is active.

By passing the knowledge assessment of training B, the student will receive 100 gamification points.

  1. Click Save to register the rule configuration

You must configure all 13 rules to assign the score, select the trainings and activate/deactivate.

To configure the image of the rules, which will be presented to the student in their ranking (such as a trophy, a brooch, a medal, etc.), follow the steps below:

  1. Go back to the rules list

  2. Search for the rule you wish to insert the image of

  3. Click the Select option

  4. Click on the Images option in the list

  5. Upload the image respecting the accepted formats

If no image is inserted into the rule, the default image of the platform will be used:



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