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These are the release notes for June 2024 from Kubo by NDD.

See a summary of all the updates and click on the links to navigate to each one.

June 17, 2024


June 10, 2024


June 17, 2024


Changes to the nomenclature of content models

Changes have been made to the nomenclature of the Training Progress field and its options when registering and modifying online/asynchronous trainings to show the behavior of the content model adopted, as shown below:

  • Training Progress → Content Model

  • Fixed → Fixed Content (Static): the course content is already 100% prepared when the training is created, with no new modules added after it has been created

A course on a company process that is already structured and will not be updated with new topics.

  • Recurrent → Incremental Content: the course content will be developed during its execution, i.e. new modules will be included over time, incorporating new content into the training

A course on a technological product that will be updated with new features. The training expands as the product evolves, necessitating the continuous construction of the content in parallel with the development of the product.


June 10, 2024


Providing information on remaining attempts in the knowledge evaluation

If the student fails the knowledge evaluation, the results screen will display the number of attempts remaining, if the training settings allow more than one attempt.


Changing the name of two submenus

Two submenus in the Trainings menu have been renamed:

  • Online → Online/Asynchronous

  • In Person → In Person/Synchronous

The change has been applied to both the administrator view and the student view, where previously it referred to Online and In Person.

This improvement aims to align with good market practices and the concepts of methodologies related to corporate education.


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