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What is Kubo by NDD?

In the age of knowledge, continuous learning is the key to business success. Kubo by NDD has emerged as a driving force, enabling organizations to reach new heights of excellence through innovation and the continuous development of employees, customers, and partners.

More than just a learning platform, Kubo by NDD is an intelligent tool that enables team training, boosts operational results and fosters a culture of continuous learning.

Whether you're already familiar with technologies or you're taking your first steps, Kubo by NDD is here to simplify access to knowledge.


For administrators

For students

✔ Create training courses and tracks connected to your business strategy

✔ Usability and uncomplicated use, including a search field for looking up training courses

✔ Monitor employee performance and engagement

✔ Visualization of courses and tracks in which you are enrolled

✔ Create and manage training campaigns and content categories

✔ Download certificates and share them on LinkedIn

✔ Create communication journeys with emails and alerts

✔ Intelligent content recommendation (based on interests)

✔ Execute the registration process quickly

✔ Access to your training history

✔ Structure gamification actions to engage and map talent (Edutainment strategies)

✔ Learning through webinars, microlearnings, content tracks and podcasts, catering for different learning styles

✔ Analyze and manage evaluations, certifications and feedbacks

✔ Course and track progress stored automatically by the platform

✔ Record participation in synchronous training sessions manually, in batches or using QRCode

✔ Gamified learning journey, generating engagement in the learning process

✔ Make available and encourage other learning styles using podcasts, webinars and microlearning

✔ Satisfaction survey on the platform on an ongoing basis, sending suggestions to the Kubo team at any time

✔ Register and track support calls to the platform via an online system

✔ Online registration of attendance at face-to-face training sessions

✔ Integrate employee registration with your payroll system

✔ Completion of assessments and certifications

✔ Perform 11 customizable basic queries

✔ Access to the library for additional content

✔ Customize the layout of your corporate university

✔ Responsive platform that allows training to be accessed from different devices (desktop, mobile, and tablet)

✔ Issue 60 operational reports for indicator analysis

✔ Monitor 5 learning management dashboards

Why Kubo by NDD essential for your company?

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Boost your employees' development

Investing in the professional development of your employees means investing in the success of your company. With Kubo by NDD, you can create training and learning tracks in line with the strategic objectives of your business.

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Increase productivity and operational efficiency

With monitoring features, Kubo by NDD allows you to track employee performance and engagement, identifying areas for improvement and implementing corrective actions quickly.


Retain essential

Knowledge is any organization's most valuable asset. With Kubo by NDD, you can preserve and share critical knowledge, ensuring that best practices and experiences are passed on.

Exclusive features for your success

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Complete customization

Adapt the platform to your company's DNA, creating a unique and engaging learning experience that reflects your organization's visual identity.

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Security and compliance

We operate in compliance with the strictest security and personal data protection standards, guaranteeing the privacy and confidentiality of your students' information.

For more details, see the Privacy Notice.

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Specialized support

You can count on a team of experts dedicated to driving your success, providing first-rate technical support to ensure you get the most out of your Kubo by NDD experience.

Want to know more about how Kubo by NDD can transform your company's learning management?

Visit our website: Kubo by NDD!


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