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Enroll a student individually

To enroll individual students, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Students in the main menu

  2. Search for the student in the search bars by name, CPF, code or e-mail (we recommend that the search be by registered e-mail)

  3. Click on Search

  4. Locate the student in the list, click on the Select option and click on the Training Enrollments option

On the next screen, it will be possible to view the list of training courses in which the student is enrolled. In Status, it is possible to verify if the training has not started, is in progress or if the student has passed or failed.

  1. Click on the Enroll button located in the upper right corner

  2. Fill in the expiration date in the Validity field, with the maximum time that the student will have to complete the training(s)

  3. Select the training you want to enroll the student in the Training field

  4. Check the Send email box if you want the student to be notified of the enrollment by the registered e-mail

  5. Click Save to register the student enrollment

If any chosen training is not part of the registered Student Profile, the platform will automatically not allow enrollment. In this case, you will need to change the student profile.


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